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Nothing worth having comes easy or without the constant support and hard work of a bunch of great minds working tirelessly with perfection for a common goal. We at TRONIXSS believe that the strength of the company lies in the strength of its employees and hence we value teamwork and collaboration over everything else.

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Our Team of Tech Experts

Avinash Maurya

Software Engineer

My job is to work on angular framework, as a Front end developer.

Kuldeep Kalyan

Software Engineer 

My job is to improve system quality by identifying issues and common patterns, developing standard operating procedures and designing and implementing systems.

Prashant Sharma

Software Engineer 

Identified as an introvert, I am usually the one sitting in a corner working with my laptop. I work on angular framework and currently work as a front end developer.

Shubham Kaushik

Software Engineer

Basically my job is to use the Python programming language to develop, debug, and implement application projects and specialize in writing server-side web application logic.

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